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Energetic, witty, dramatic, entertaining, yet passionately serious about issues impacting American society & our schools.
Nationally acclaimed education consultant Henry Pankey is a highly respected school improvement expert, published author, motivational speaker, turn around school specialist, and success coach. The author of Standing In The Shadows Of Greatness, is credited with revitalizing some of the nation’s most difficult schools. The former New York City principal is the recipient of over 200 awards for his work as a principal, educator and turn around school specialist. Pankey’s awards include Principal of the Year, Administrator of the Year, induction into the National Alliance of Black School Educators’ Hall Of Fame, Safe School Awards, etc. During Henry Pankey's tenure as principal of Southern High School in Durham, the school went from low performing to exemplary status within one year. Consequently, the school was the site for the Seventh Annual State of American Education Address delivered by United States Education Secretary Richard Riley.

Henry Pankey is best known as a tough love effective urban principal, but he began his career as a comedian, writer, impressionist and Shakespearean actor. After graduating from high school Pankey won an undergraduate scholarship to the North Carolina School of The Arts, then, a graduate scholarship to the University Of Maryland. Henry Pankey has attended 10 universities and has a total of 12 licenses in the education-administration field. Henry was one of the chief architects of Dress for Success in New York City schools as early as 1981. Dress for Success has been duplicated across the country.

      Henry Pankey Topics

  • Tough Love 'The Pankey Way'

  • Improving Student Achievement

  • Revitalizing Low-Performing Schools

  • Discipline for the Toughest Students, Including Gangs

  • Refuse to Fail: Zero Tolerance for Failure

  • How to Create Safe and Orderly Schools of Excellence

    Standing in the Shadows of Greatness (Paperback)
    by Henry J. Pankey (Author)

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